If you have exceptional hair and your skin is envied by all, we want you at ESIP. We are looking for models who want to benefit from our hairdressing and aesthetics services while our students learn the latest trends and perfect their technique.
Keratin hair-straightening, hair-colouring, manicure, beauty treatments … are you interested? ESIP models enjoy the best of our services at a very low price.

Do you want to be an ESIP model?

Becoming an ESIP model is very easy. Just fill out our form indicating what you would like to try. It is very important that you tell us your hair and skin type, since we will always offer you services that suit you perfectly to guarantee you a professional result.

If we find your application suitable for any of our courses at ESIP, we will send an email to your nearest ESIP school recommending your name.
Once you have been accepted as an official model of ESIP, you will be part of our database of models. Thus, if you want to perform a new service, you will only have to contact your partner ESIP school and make a new appointment. What are you waiting for? Fill out our form and become an official ESIP model.